Statement of Intent

Games as a medium have progressed incredibly far from their initial days of conception. From the early days of computing, and then the internet and MUDS, through to modern VR headsets, games have risen simultaneously with the age of computing. Sometimes they’ve been linked to the advancement of computing technology, as with the rise of graphics and physics cards at other times showcasing the potential of new processing power.

Combined with these elements of medium has arisen the potentiality for games to become a storytelling medium. From using internal and external symbolism couched in our own human understanding, and allowing access to these symbols in an interactive manner, video games present new and unique ways to share their tales and blend previous methods of narrative and exposition into their own messages.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the ways video games tell their stories, through reviews of both old and new games, as well as in depth critique and analysis. Since games are varied in their presentation so to the purpose here is to analyze and assess games using various approaches, whether ludological, narratological or any other relevant way to present and think about games.

Secondly to improve and enhance my own understanding of games, the way they shape, introduce or express ideas; how they create experiences, both positive and negative so that I may further my appreciation for the medium. If you are reading this, then I hope to some if the insights and reflections here presented might assist you with appreciating games as well!